Rates for 2020 and 2021

These rates are valid for the 2020 and 2021 seasons - rates may be revised for the 2022 season.

Internal users are staff and students from the faculties of mathematics and natural sciences at the Universities of Bergen and Oslo. External users are all others.

Prices include VAT unless otherwise stated.

Accommodation at Research unit:

- Internal researchers: FREE
- External students: NOK 200,- per night first 14 nights, NOK 100 thereafter
- External employees: NOK 400,- per night first 14 Nights, NOK 200 thereafter

Accommodation at Course and conference unit:

- Internal university courses: NOK 100,- per person/night
- External university courses: NOK 250,- per person/night
- Internal meetings NOK 250,- per person/night
- Internal meetings - day time only: NOK 125,- per person/day
- External meetings: NOK 400,- per person/night
- External meetings - day time only: NOK 200,- per person/day

For catering, see Meals.

Other services:

- Pickup/delivery at the railway station if heavy research equipment (advance booking): NOK 250,‐ per trip
- Use of bed linen: NOK 100,- per wash
- Hiring research assistant: Cost price (245 - 275 NOK/hour) + VAT when applicable (for users outside UiO except when payment is made from a foreign institution)
- Use of van or snowmobile (must be approved): NOK 5,- per km

Please complete a user report form and send this to the Manager, Erika Leslie, after your stay. You will then receive an invoice for payment.

To pay for recreational use of Garpen, go here.

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