The Garpen stipend

Garpen, an old stone cabin between lake Finsevatn and the field station, was the first primitive field station at Finse (1965 - 1972). To commemorate the persistent work over many years, particularly by Eivind Østbye, that made the research center what it is today, the center gives the Garpen stipend to students and researchers that plan research at the center.

Stipends of maximum 15,000 NOK are primarily given for purchase of equipment that will belong to the research center after use by the applicant, but the stipend may also be used to cover other research expenses, such as travel expenses, field assistance, consumables and laboratory analyses. Students and researchers/projects with few other funding possibilities are given priority.

Projects must have some connection to the alpine environment in the Finse area, Hardangervidda or Hallingskarvet. Successfull applicants must register their project as an activity at the field station (see information) and comply with the Conditions for use of the research unit. Any equipment or left-over consumables purchased by the stipend must be handed over to the field station when the project has ended.

Applications are considered by the board of the station twice yearly; 1st of November and 1st of April, and stipends will normally be granted within 10 days after these dates. Applications may be written in Norwegian or English and should include the following:

  • A cover letter giving information about stage of career, affiliation and a timeline for the planned project. Students should give name and contact information of supervisor (whom may be contacted by the board).
  • A short project description (max 2 pages) outlining the background, aim and methods of the study.
  • An itemized budget for all expenses the applicant seeks to cover by the stipend (depending on number of applicants and the research center's budget, one may not get funding for all items).

Send applications by e-mail to the center director.

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