Finse Alpine Research Seminar 23-24 April 2018

The Finse Alpine Research Seminar is an informal meeting place for researchers and students working (or planning to work, or have worked) at Finse Alpine Research Centre, but the seminar is open for anybody interested in research in the alpine environment. Participants are encouraged to contribute with 20 minute talks.

Foto: Erika Leslie

Place: Finse Alpine Research Centre (details here)

Time: 23 April 13:00 - 24 April 14:00 (accommodation in shared rooms)

Cost: Accommodation and meals are free. Patricipants must cover their own travel.

Registration: closed.

Program & Practical Information: pdf here!

Published Mar. 6, 2018 1:25 PM - Last modified Apr. 20, 2018 3:40 PM