Installations and landscape interventions

Note that most of the area surrounding the research station is protected (see map). Landscape interventions and traffic by snowmobiles within these areas are strictly regulated, but exemptions can be made for scientific research and education. You must seek permissions from both the local management authorities and the landowners for putting up installations such as fences and carrying out other environmental interventions.

Permissions from the management authorities: Applications for activities within Hallingskarvet National Park and Finse Biotopvernområde should be sent to the County Governor of Hordaland or Buskerud (see information here). Applications for activities outside the protected areas or in the Skaupsjøen-Hardangerjøkulen Landskapsvernområde should be sent to the local municipality (see information here). See map for municipality and park borders.

Permissions from the land owners: The land around the research station within Ulvik municipality (see map) is owned by Statskog (state owned). Applications for activities within this area should be sent by e-mail to Kristin Asdøl Midtmageli ( at Statskog. Copy your applications to Ulvik Fjellstyre, which is the body that represents the grazing, hunting and fishing rights on the land. Contact the local municipality if you plan to work outside the Ulvik municipality (see information here).

If you are not sure whether your activities require any special permits, contact Trond Erik Buttingsrud ( at the County Governor of Buskerud (Fylkesmannen i Buskerud).

Sticks and other material used to mark up study sites must always be removed after the project has finished. Make sure you record GPS positions and keep track of any such markings. Installations and markings that are left in the field for more than a few weeks should always be registered at the research center (see information).

If your project involves both landscape interventions and use of snowmobile, it is best to seek permissions in the same application. In the application, you should state the purpose of the study, what you plan to do in the field, location and duration of the field work, and during which dates (approximately) you plan to use snowmobile.

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