Published Apr. 18, 2009 1:27 AM

The course gives an overview of groups of plants, animals and fungi, emphasising the species diversity in Norway. Central themes are classification of species/groups, their biology and ecology. A general introduction to habitat types and research on biological diversity including conservation biology will also be given.

The field course at Finse gives an overview of the biodiversity in the low to high alpine zone, as well as an introduction to the alpine ecological system.

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Published Apr. 24, 2009 1:11 PM

This course is for master students and bachelor students in their final year. Students get aquainted with winter survival in plants and many different groups of animals (e.g. Arthropods, Cervids, aquatic animals) as well as humans. The book "Life in the cold" by Peter J. Marchand is used as the curriculum in addition to lectures given by various invited specialists. Students also get hands-on experience with snow profiles and conditions.