Limnology of ultraoligotrophic lakes: Flakavatn (Hallingskarvet)

Lake Flakavatn, 6 km north-northeast of Finse, was visited by the limnologist Kaare M. Strøm in August 1933. He did a geomorphological survey of the watershed, he made a bathygraphical map of the lake, and he recorded some basic limnological observations which are the foundation of our continuing work in this lake. The present project in lake Flakavatn is part of a long-term program covering lakes with similar limnological properties but located under different climatic conditions within Norway - "The Limnology of Ultraoligotrophic Lakes". Students, post-docs and colleagues from various disciplines are taking part in the Flakavatn project - emerging and experienced scientists from all subdusciplines are welcome!

Bathygraphical map of Lake Flakavatn, published by Strøm (1934). This lake is large (3.34 km2) and deep (76 m) to be a high mountain lake (1453 m.a.s.l. at 60 N). Due to its location within an eroded fault in the Hallingskarvet mountain ridge, drifting snow from the mountain plateau accumulates on the ice in winter, and contributes to the extreme conditions within the lake.

The sampling program in the lake include basic limnological parameters (through the year when possible), samples for estimation of pelagic life and particles of non-biological origin, samples along the shores and in the brooks and rivers, geomorphological mapping, estimation of permafrost and influence upon the lake, its hydrology and life therein. A botanical inventory of the watershed is in progress, and zoologists are welcome to work within the watershed to Flakavatn. The conditions within this lake and its watershed appear to deviate from what was assumed by Strøm (1934), and therefore are also the limnology of the lake and conditions for life therein rather extreme. 

Three master's degrees have been fulfilled with fieldwork from the lake since 2004. Modern biological methods to evaluate the complete microbial diversity within the pelagic doméne of the lake is planned.The first interdisciplinary scientific papers are in preparation.

Lake Flakavatn, July 21, 2005Lake Flakavatn, July 21st, 2005 - a cold summer


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