Obtaining permission for snowmobile usage

The field station does not have a general licence for using snowmobile for other purposes than transporting equipment and supplies between the train station and the research station. Permission for other usage must be applied for on a project-by-project basis.

Note that most of the area surrounding the research station is protected (see map). Traffic by snowmobiles within these areas are strictly regulated, but exemptions can be made for scientific research. Within the protected areas, snowmobile usage later in the season than April 30 will generally not be allowed, and projects should limit the use of snowmobiles to no more than five days per season. Snowmobile usage during weekends and undue disturbance of recreational activities should be avoided.

Applications for using snowmobiles within Hallingskarvet National Park and Finse Biotopvernområde should be sent to Fylkesmannen i Hordaland or Buskerud (see links here). Applications for activities outside the protected areas or in the Skaupsjøen-Hardangerjøkulen Landskapsvernområde should be sent to the local municipality (kommune - see links here). See map for municipality and park borders.

In the application, you should state the purpose of the study, what you plan to do in the field, location and duration of the field work, and during which dates (approximately) you plan to use snowmobile. The local municipalities provide application forms for snowmobile usage (see links here). The licence plate number of the snowmobile at the center is KC 5212.

Published Apr. 25, 2009 10:59 AM - Last modified Feb. 22, 2010 3:25 PM